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Albany Western Australia, 6330

A bicycle hire company with two types of services:

1 Bicycles and equipment for the munda biddi trail, a 1000km trail through the forests of south western Australia.

2. Bicycles for day trips and longer to the wonderful scenic destinations around Albany.


Albany Cycling Holidays

Bicycle hire in Albany, Western Australia


Albany is a great place to see from the seat of a bicycle. At "Albany Cycling Holidays" we deliver quality mountain bikes to your accommodation for viewing the sites of Albany from the most enjoyable perspective - by bike. You can use a bike to potter around the tourist spots in town or venture further on half or full day trips to scenic spots like Torndirrup and Two Peoples' Bay National Parks. Our itineraries include some surprising detours off the bitumen. In the immediate vicinity of the city, a week of day trips await you. Learn more about Albany at

Greater Albany

Albany is at the intersection of a number of different landscapes. To the west is forest, a vast expanse of which occupies the south west corner of Western Australia. Along the coast are the white sand beaches and cliffs bordering the southern ocean. To the east are the myriad flowering plants of the southern sand plains and to the north are the Porongorup and Stirling ranges that are home to their own unique collections of spectacular wildflowers. To see all of these places by bicycle, you would need to set aside three months but we have made it easier for you by preparing itineraries of a day, three days, and a week at a time with Albany as the hub. There are many opportunities for camping and, especially to the west, plentiful accomodation options ranging from hostel type to five star luxury.

Princess Royal Harbour, Albany

Princess Royal Harbour, Albany