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Albany Western Australia, 6330

A bicycle hire company with two types of services:

1 Bicycles and equipment for the munda biddi trail, a 1000km trail through the forests of south western Australia.

2. Bicycles for day trips and longer to the wonderful scenic destinations around Albany.

Tour de Torndirrup

Torndirrup national park lies to the south of Albany on the opposite side of the harbour. It is on a peninsula that reaches out into the southern ocean. The south facing coast of the peninsula is mostly rugged cliffs within which there are a number of spectacular inlets which have become well known tourist attractions like 'The Gap', 'Jimmy Newels Harbour' and the 'Blow Holes'. We recommend packing a picnic and spending the day exploring the tracks and trails of the peninsula and enjoy some stunning coastal views and mostly deserted white sandy beaches.  

From Albany, head out west along Princess Royal Drive putting up with the trucks and cars for a short distance.

Turn left at the turn off to the savage yard, and make your way along the railway line west until you hit the bibulmun walking track crossing.

Cross over the railway (looking out for trains!) and follow the bibulmun track (dual use at this point) along the harbour. This starts off as a single unsealed track and passes over Robinson creek meeting up with the cycle path along frenchman bay road. 

Follow the cycle path (and bibulmun track) until it emerges onto bay view drive. 

Turn left and stay following the water along Bay View and Chipana Drives past the yacht club.

Turn left up the little gravel road before Harbour Esplanade and keep following the water (nice spot to have a walk on the beach and take some photos of albany across the water). Join Harbour Esplanade. 

Turn left and keep following the water along Harbour Esplanade. Where it does a 90 degree right turn, take the bush track left and keep following the water (more good beach walking... please don't take the bikes down there though). 

At panorama caravan park go straight ahead through the park and up the access road to the park back to frenchman bay road. 

Turn right into Frenchman Bay Rd and then left into Humphrey Rd

Follow Humphrey Rd up the hill to the entrance of the national park. 

Carry your bike over the gate and take the road straight ahead. 

Follow the road past the water pump and dogleg left up and down the hills following the power line to the next groundwater pump.

Take the single track through the bush at the back of the pump emerging on the Sharp Point track. (Sharp Point is approx 3km to the right and has a wonderful outlook over the coastal cliffs and well worth a ride but there is a good hill to get up!).

Turn left and head back down towards FMBRd.

Take the track off to the right which head towards the right of the hills. Take ninety degree turn left. It gets a bit rough in places and eventually goes over the hills and emerges at the old rangers residence on frenchman bay road. 

Cross Frenchman Bay Rd into Limeburners Creek Rd. 

Follow LBCRd continuing on when it turns into a track. 

At the Water Authority pumping station (you will not be able to cross Limeburners Creek) turn left down the track going down towards the harbour. Keep following the track down and follow it right to run parallel to the water. The track then turns into a single track down a steep slope to limburners creek. 

Cross limburners creek and follow your nose up one of the myriad of tracks on the other side keeping parallel to the water. 

Follow the track approx 1.5km and emerge on the Quaranup Rd. 

Turn left on the Quaranup Rd and follow this road to harbour beach, mistaken island beach and whalers cove. Choose one of these to have a swim (leaving the bikes locked up and hidden). The walk to point possession takes you to yet another white sandy probably deserted beach.