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Albany Western Australia, 6330

A bicycle hire company with two types of services:

1 Bicycles and equipment for the munda biddi trail, a 1000km trail through the forests of south western Australia.

2. Bicycles for day trips and longer to the wonderful scenic destinations around Albany.


What we expect of you

Bikes for the Trail and Albany Cycling Holidays - What we expect of you.

What we expect from you -

We expect you to have fun for that is the reason to take a bike in the first place! So we expect you to travel according to your own capabilities, take it easy and enjoy the view! We expect you to treat our bikes with respect and that you return in good time as there may be others waiting for your bike. 

We spend time making sure the bikes are suitable and in good repair and it would be nice to get them back clean and in good condition. Obviously there is some wear and tear under the conditions of mountain bike touring but any damage will be your responsibility

Equipment Not Supplied

Gloves - We recommend that you bring a pair of good quality padded bike gloves. Long distance trail riding can cause sore wrists and hands, gloves can help prevent this. Outside of summer, the days can be surprisingly cool and a pair of full fingered warm gloves will make your cycling more enjoyable. 

Water bottles - Water is a scarce resource in Western Australia and is all important on any long distance cycle trail. Careful planning is needed to ensure you have adequate water at all times. We suggest bringing at least two quality 750 ml water bottles. Our bikes come with two water bottle holders but extra water is necessary for bush sections. 

Tent - The Munda Biddi Trail is organised with accommodation available at approximately 50km intervals. Some stops are in towns where different types of accommodation are available at a price and other stops are in the cabins supplied by the department of parks and wildlife. These cabins are basic but dry sleeping/eating areas and a reliable water supply is provided, often in spectacularly scenic locations. However, in the peak cycling seasons of spring and summer, the cabins can be full and cyclists should always be self sufficient and carry a tent. 

Sleeping bags and sheets - Temperatures in spring and autumn can be surprisingly cool and winter is cold by Australian standards. A sleeping bag rated to zero degrees celcius is recommended. 

Sleeping mat - A good sleeping mat can be the difference between a good and  ..... a not so good trip. Modern sleeping mats are comfortable, very small when folded and very light - ideal for cycle touring. A small groundsheet to go under the mat and prevent punctures is recommended. A puncture repair kit is essential. 

Stove - There are no cooking facilities at the huts on the Munda Biddi Trail and open fires are not allowed over much of the trail. A camping stove providing hot food and drinks is essential at the end of a long day on the trail. In towns with caravan parks, camp cooking facilities are included in the tariff. 

Raincoat - Part of the reason that the south coastal section of the trail is so beautiful is that it rains down here....sometimes! A good quality breathable lightweight rain coat is recommended at all times of the year. Waterproof overpants and overshoes are also worth considering.

 Other things to bring

Food! Sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, head torch, cooking utensils, toiletries.

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